Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Is Honest and Mechanic an Oxymoron in Penn Yan?

The joys of having your car inspected in New York state.  We have had our ups and downs with mechanics in Penn Yan, NY recently, all for just trying to get the damned car inspected.

Mechanic #1:  We had been using this mechanic for a while, about a year, until recently.  The first job he did on our car was a little over half of what another garage quoted us on the price.  OK  We were pleased and so we used him for a few more months.  But we did notice the bills he handed us kept creeping up in price.  OK again.  It became a habit for him to keep the car for 4 days to 5 days, giving us a song and dance like: "You have no idea how hard it is for me to get parts.  I have to take away from my family if I work too long in my garage. (OK, the family part.  Why in hell are you in business for yourself then?  Self-employed equals long hours.  I know, I've been self-employed too.)  We discovered this guy usually only works on cars when he feels the need for some cash, the rest of the time we drove by, well, garage closed.  This last episode did it for us when he not only kept the car for 4 days but when we called (he could never pick up a phone to let us know what was going on) and we got this message: "The number you called has been disconnected."  OK So now we felt like what the hell?  Did his shop belly up and we didn't know?  When we finally got the car, the bill for a simple radiator replacement (WE even bought the radiator and supplied it since he 'has problems getting parts' BTW, WE ordered it and it was here in 2 days not 5, not 6, not 7).  He gives us a hefty bill of $319, charging us $21 a gallon for antifreeze.  Where in HELL He got his antifreeze is beyond me, and $50 to go get parts. He also charged us $27 for 2 'radiator supports' but we'll be damned if we can Find the new parts anywhere on the car.  Sure, sure.   Asshole!  So we dumped him.

Mechanic #2  This guy tells us: "Sure, sure I can replace your gas tank and replace a sensor and he quoted us a price.  Well, well, he also kept the car over 4 days, Never once calling us, so we called him.  He has our car torn apart, so we get to go the entire weekend without our car.  He also gave us a hefty list of shit he claims it needs.  One part which goes on the front of our car and we recently had the brakes redone there, so you can understand our questioning his honesty as well.
Well its now Monday Noon and the car is finally ready. The price was fair but the wait was a bitch. Now we are off to Mechanic #3, hopefully an honest one this time.
I found the problem it needs, this and this and this and this and it will be $1,500. BS, it's time to trade it in...

If there is an honest Mechanic anywhere in Penn Yan please call me....................................