Friday, September 6, 2013

A rough life

"Sebastian wants to see you in his office."  Daisy was smiling but quickly added................

"Tread lightly today, Sebastian is in a foul mood."

"Why?  Something I did wrong?"

"I don't think so, but then, he never shares information of a personal or business nature with me.  I could just tell when he ordered a drink earlier, he's pissed about something."

I nodded:  "Thanks for the heads up."

I climbed the stairs, slowly, I could hear voices coming from Sebastian's office.  Sebastian's voice was pretty loud............a habit he has when he's really pissed about something.  I knock:  "Door's open, get your ass in here."

I slowly opened the door and eased my way in.

"Ahhhhhh  Sorry, Kid, I thought you were someone else.  I'll be with you in a minute."  Sebastian turned to Phil, his right hand man, at least when he needed a leg broken or someone roughed up.

"That damned Carlos is trying to ruin my businesses.  He's been shaking down my business owners so they have no money to give me now.  I'd give anything to have him put out of commission."

Phil lit a cigar:  "Well if I can get him alone, I can take care of the problem, trouble is, he has bodyguards all the time."

"Well you better figure it out soon, he's a pain in my ass."

Phil swallowed his drink and headed for the door.  "See ya Kid.....have a good one."

Sebastian turned his attention to me:  "I need ya to do something for me, Kid."

"Sure, what is it?"

"I need ya to do running for me again."

"I don't run brown paper bags no more.  Don't you have kids for that job?"

"No, no, not bags, shit, small potatoes, kids do that for chump change these days.  I mean real stuff, large amounts.  You said you'd like to make more."

"Yeah, but I never said I wanted to run that stuff again.  How about that conversation with Phil?  How much did you mean by you'd give anything to put him out of commission?"

Sebastian looked me up and down.  "You?  What in hell is a skinny kid like you gonna do?"

"That's not what the question is here.  How much?"

"OK Say I pay, uh, $30,000?  Interested?"

"I'd be more interested if it was $45,000."

He scratched his head.  "You do it, then $45,000 it is.  I say this because I doubt you can get it done.  Hell, if Phil is having a hell of a time, you sure will too.  Phil's been doing this for 30 years now."

"Maybe Phil is getting too old now, maybe he needs to change professions."

"Don't be cheeky, Kid.  Phil still has a long ways to go before being put out to pasture."

"I'll get it done, trust me."

We shook hands and I left the office.