Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Date with Vietnam

"A Date With Vietnam"
by Steve Weathers 288 pages

My latest book is to be released this Veterans Day November 11th and will be available on Amazon.com and also will be available on Kindle. 

It was strange, my relationship with the Nam I mean. Even when under fire, even when I was scared and feared for my life, I didn't question why America was there, why I was there. Back then, so many of us just believed our parents, we had faith in America and we believed we were doing the right thing. 
I entered the Army with that doing the right thing attitude. So much so, that I signed up for a second tour because I felt our military presence was making a difference.

This is not a book about being conservative or liberal in thinking. It is simply my story, my experience in a time when young people seemed to have wisdom beyond their years and wise, older people, seemed to take leave of their senses. That's how screwed up society and the Vietnam War was.
 Death occupied our minds constantly, no matter where you were stationed in the Nam.

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