Sunday, April 7, 2013

Soldier you are not forgotten

                                                  photo: Steve Weathers

Soldier, you are not forgotten

I once served in an entire war, all but forgotten

Forgotten, forgotten, your government treats you rotten

But always remember, by other veterans, you aren't forgotten

I know how those dreams make you feel

I know how those memories, night sweats, make you reel

Bad sights, into your dreams they steal

Don't feel bad, don't feel sad, you really haven't been had

Don't give up or give in

You haven't committed the greatest sin

We joined, for whatever reason

We joined in good faith, we served for a season

Don't think it is all in vain

Even if it's hard to see past the pain

How could you know?  How could I know?

We signed up in good faith, why did we go?

We thought it was the right thing to do at the time

Friends, relatives, thought we lost our minds

Don't give up, don't close your door

We all; veterans, support you, from shore to shore

Feeling bad, feeling sad?

Contact me, together we can once again feel glad

For what it's worth, the pain is great, I know it hurts

You can't redo your past

Decide to go on, do it fast

The pain sometimes feels it will last and last

Together, Soldiers, this hurt we can get past

Reach out, to other vets, those you know, some you don't

Don't suffer alone, don't close your door

We as veterans, know, it was a hell of a war

Some say: "You knew the score."

But have they ever been to a war?

Reach out, veterans young and old

We are here to help, we all exist from shore to shore

Together we can stop a war

Let our new war cry be: "A war?  Oh never more!"

They need to listen to us who have gone before