Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nursing home diaries

Now this is aging

Today I talked with a sweet lady who lives here, and she is carrying a stuffed cat on her lap.  She tells me that she had a wonderful cat when she lived at home.  I'm listening to her and my heart goes out to her.  Every nursing home should have at least one cat roaming the place.  So many people living here have owned animals and miss them terribly.  Funny, I complain about landlords who do not get the pet/owner connection, but shame on a nursing home that does not get it.  This is the paying customer's home, bring in pets damn it.

Nurse aides:  What can be said about nurse aides?  What can't be said about them?  They are the backbone of every single nursing home.  In Culture Change nursing homes, aides are assigned, permanently, to one small group of residents.  Those aides are familiar faces, every single day, to their own small group.  Aides in traditional nursing homes don't even get invited to care plan meetings, a great travesty, in my opinion.  Those aides know their residents on a much more personal level than any of the nurses ever do.  Aides at a care plan meeting can give more insight about how your loved one is doing because they spot any changes long before nurses or doctors do.  If you really want to know how your loved one is getting along, ask their aide, you will learn much more than you would from nurses or doctors.  

If you have a loved one in a nursing home: Have you hugged their aide today?  

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