Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Snowflake: name sounds like an exotic dancer

Just another pretty face?

This little kitty is not a super star, except to Steve and I, of course.  I was thinking today about the name choice, it seems obvious to us, snowflake and a white cat.  Right?  By all the looks we gather when I write about this cat, I was thinking how the name sounds like an exotic dancer.  Maybe there are a lot of cat lovers out there.  Either way, we appreciate all the views this sweet kitty pulls in.

That having been said, life with this kitty, the only child kitty, he likes to get into everything.  This morning he decided to open all the lower cupboard doors and prance around under there.  I kept shooing him out and told him I've had 2 year old toddlers who were better behaved.  If you yell at this one, he does not 'get it' he simply comes back for more.  *sigh*

He likes to come into the bedroom at night, we tried shutting the door but he yowls until he is allowed in.  Spoiled you say?  Pretty much, yes he is.  Does he come into the bedroom to sleep on the foot of our bed like a nice kitty?  Naw.  He likes to jump on our heads and I have a big plant in the window which he seems to think is a tree and likes to sit in the center.  He already broke one branch out of the center.  After all, a plant branch was no match for a 12 pound cat mistaking it for a tree.  

He prowls all night and if he gets locked out of the bedroom, once we get up in the morning, he acts like we've been gone for years.  He acts so glad to see us.  Yet, in the light of day, we can leave home for hours and hours and when we get home, he lifts his head, blinks and goes back to sleep.  Go figure. 

Yes, this kitty is sometimes a pain in the tush, but do we regret rescuing him?  On the contrary, we wonder just how we ever got along without his naughty little presence.

Our little ham, posing for a pic.

He never tires of posing.

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