Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Finding a nanny?

This is certainly the life!

I was just reading a 'mommy' type blog that was all about how to narrow the nanny search to make it more manageable.  LOL  

Well this one must have been written for the 'Not So Real Housewives' because never in my life have I been able to afford a nanny.  In fact none of my friends could ever afford nannies either.  Wow!  Taking care of our own kids and households, what a concept that is.  We poor Mommies have it all over those rich broads anyway.  We never have to worry about our husbands running off with those nannies.  We all know, from the Internet and celebrity sites, that nannies and husbands are sex crazed and usually run off with the nanny.  We all know they are consummately insane, those nannies and they drive any otherwise respectable husband insane too.  I'm sure they all are Sirens in disguise.

So all in all, fixing our own meals, changing our own kid's diapers makes us happier, healthier and good wives and mothers.  Well I'm absolutely sure all those chores make us or made us, a lot more tired.  Oh to have to make choices like: Which nanny is good enough for my darlings?  But lack of a nanny does not make our kids any less smart or any less stunning.  Every one of us parents thinks that.

Maybe all poorer, mommies should create their own nanny service and kind of share each others expertise and nanny skills.  That would work out great as the poorer moms could hire out as nannies and solve the lack of jobs in 2013.  An idea to consider.