Monday, November 26, 2012

Books for the Holiday's

The holiday season is here again and books make great stocking stuffers for adults and children alike. We have a great selection of books for you to choose from. Books of Love,Poetry,War, Vampires, Family and Nursing Homes and even a book for kids about a kitty. Here is today's featured book 

The night of the TET Offensive in Saigon, we were sent to watch the river.  Making sure we were not going to be attacked from the water.

It was a long night, to say the least.  Every time I heard a sound, I kept imagining it was from a VC  or a sapper sneaking in to either blow up our ships or, worse yet, slit our throats.  It was a long night, in the moonlight, trying to see solid figures from mere shadows.  Finally, after what seemed like a night that lasted a week, the daylight shown through and we were able to see the river much more clearly. 

(Excerpt from: A Boy in a Hurry for Manhood to Arrive)

This book is the memoirs of a young soldier who quit High School at the age of 17 to join the Army. It cover the time he was in Vietnam and the heartaches and death he saw, it also covers his return to civilian life and how he just did not seem to fit in as he tried to lead a normal life. A book highly recommended for those in the military or the ones thinking of joining the military.
           Perimeter wire at the edge of the Saigon river

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