Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Musings from the past

This is my newest project that I just started working on. Poems and pictures of growing up in the Midwest from childhood to adulthood. I hope to have it finished sometime after the first of the year.

Here is a sample poem from the book for your enjoyment.


My Brothers and Me

The brothers and me, we number at three
Sometimes brothers like you, as you can see
Sometimes they act like you're a pain so big
But sometimes three peas in a pod or three on a tree like figs

Sometimes they are proud to be your brothers
Then there are times, you're a big pest, like no other
I guess that's how siblings work
Sometimes fond of me, other times I'm a little jerk

But brothers are fun to have
When you're hurting, they act like a salve
When you're a pest, they're not at their best
But when I needed protection, they stood against the rest

Brothers can yell and even hit you but no one else dares
If a bully comes calling, I'd say, Beware!
When a little brother's ganged up on, not fair
Then big brothers step in and say: “Come on, we dare!”

Growing up in a family can be fun, full of glee
Growing up with my brothers, we numbered three
They left home, got married too soon, now I see
But it was a lot of fun, when it was big brothers and me

I guess people may say those were the good old days
Full of sunshine, full of long days at play
When looking back, one wishes those days could stay
But everyone grows, or that's what they say

You wish you could place memories in a bottle
Taking memories out on a snowy or rainy day
But for now, it cannot be done that way
So in our memories, our minds, they must stay
(c) S. Weathers 2011