Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is fear an emoticon?

When I went to new interviews,after losing my job in 2008, I was sitting in a waiting room wondering if I had remembered to put in my resume everything the Internet had told me to use so as not to make me look outdated. 
This brings me to the question: Does our resume, do we, for that matter, have an expiration date?  According to the Internet, we must. 
I also went over, in my head, the stuff I was posting on Facebook.  Did I post how much I hated my last boss?  Oh, shit, I probably did.  I was waiting to interview at a nursing home, and wishing I had been smart enough to use a pen name,so this administrator didn't associate me to that damned book.  But, I figured, oh well, too late, jig's up and yes I did cut up that last nursing home. Hey, I had to have an example from someplace, even  if all the nursing homes are the same. I was wishing I could use an emoticon, like fear, on my resume.  OK, maybe not a good idea.
So I didn't get that job, so maybe it's true,nursing homes hold grudges, after all, if they are a corporation they have been given people status, so I suppose it's possible for them to hold a grudge.  Can one punch a corporation in the nose then?   Or maybe they need a fear emoticon too, showing fear of being fodder for my next book. 
No matter, I will write on, even if my career in nursing homes is over.  Who cares?  Not me.  Maybe I can go back to waiting tables, or even asking "You want fries with that burger, Sir?'   Naw, not even in the running as far as job prospects go!

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