Thursday, August 18, 2011

Being a 'boy' who wants to grow up and see it all

Growing up as a boy in Indiana was a quiet sort of life I suppose, maybe too quiet for me.  At 17 I felt like life was moving at a snail's pace, I felt like I didn't fit into the small wedge we called high school and I felt like there had to be more to the world than Indiana.
My generation was no different than the previous ones nor was it different than the present one is today.  We hear younger ones say they can show us Baby Boomers 'how to do it right' and funny thing, we were going to do the same thing.  We were going to Vietnam to show how to fight a war. Yeah, yeah, not the first time any generation has said that. I'm sure military people today say the same thing.  But it's the same cluster fuck now that it has been in armies, navies, etc. for centuries.  Did we 'show em?'  Naw, more like Vietnam kicked our butts.  Not that we lost the war, the government 'gave up on it' but every country gives America the fight of their lives.  We just never realize it until we are in the thick of it, or until we return home and look back.  After all, 'hind sight is 20/20' certainly rings true when it comes to a war situation. 

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