Monday, October 23, 2017

Guys, women don't want what you've been dishing out

This blog is not for every guy, just the guys who don't seem to get it.  Believe me, there are plenty of them out there.

I love, love, love when guys say: "I just don't understand women."  What is there to understand?  Women are people, just as guys are people.  Ever stop to think maybe you might not want to be treated as you treat women then?  Or: " Nice guys finish last."  Well maybe they don't finish last and so maybe you are not the nice guy you think you are.

Here's what women get rankled about:

1)  Guys who will pursue a woman, even if she is not interested.  Some guys feel like they have to win like it's a game.  I remember telling some guys:" I'm really not interested."  Only to have them keep begging me to go out, then to have them decide, later on, they were not interested, except in winning.  Guys, your ego that fragile?  Yet people think women are the weaker sex.  That behavior pisses most women off to the hilt. 

2) "You live too far away."  Well guys, you knew distance was a factor when you started.  Right?  So if you lose interest, women appreciate if you are honest and just admit you aren't interested.  Stop making up some crap to get off the hook.  We women know that is a poor excuse.  Most of us women are really not that stupid.

3) Stop trying to pick women up in bars.  Seriously.  Most women know you are likely married or living with a girlfriend anyway.  I recall a guy once saying, in a bar: "But my wife doesn't understand me."  Well, Fella, that makes two of us then.  Why in hell you in a bar, drinking, alone, when your wife or girlfriend sits home alone?

4) Be honest in your profile.  Seriously, placing an online profile up there then at the very least, be honest.  Actually state what you are looking for and what you expect.  You expect some top model? (Good luck there)  But at least be honest and say so.  This way, women with brains will steer clear of you anyway.  It's only fair.  "I want and expect a babe" would be the honest thing to be up front about.

5) Sent recent pictures that are not photo shopped too.  A woman deserves to see who she is really talking to.  This would be common sense, but I realize common sense is Not a flower that grows in Every garden.  

6) Don't send pictures of some personal body parts either.  Any woman Worth having is Not going to like that one bit.  So also Decide if you Are looking for a woman worth keeping or just looking for a fling.  Not nice to lead someone on if you aren't serious about wanting a permanent mate either. Also I'd file under common sense, but well. 

7) So you don't see fireworks and skyrockets when you meet?  Remember, be friends first because friends always make for good and lasting relationships.  Love grows over time, if you give it a chance.  That other crap is good for reading in romance novels, not real life.

8) When dating at least Ask what she likes, doesn't like or just ask her to tell you about herself.  Don't be so conceited that you dominate the conversation only telling her about you.  

9) Do not look at your cell phone in the middle of a conversation either.  Just rude. It makes you look like the king of nothing and you cannot keep your many subjects waiting. Turning it off completely would be a wise choice.  

10)  Do not mention your ex either.  No one wants to hear why you broke up.  For pity sake, never say your ex is crazy, even if she is.  Why? Because just because you didn't get along, it might be just that you were not suited for each other.  Women hate when you cut up an ex, right off the bat.  Save that conversation for years later, if you are still together. 

13) Look the woman in her eyes when talking to her.  It gives the impression you actually give a shit about her response. 

14) Always look your best when seen with her.  This also may be common sense, but a lot of guys don't always get it.

15) Have a sense of humor.  Women like guys who can really laugh at things.  No woman likes a guy who is too serious all the time. 

These are starters as to understanding women.  Most of us women are dumb founded as to Why some guys act as they do toward us, so guys, get your act together and wise up.  We women are human beings too, just as you are.  How do you want to be treated today?